Our diverse portfolio includes new construction, historic renovation and projects for the health care, hotel, single-family and luxury home markets.

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Blvd Sarasota Condominium Project:

The BLVD Sarasota Rendering The BLVD Sarasota Rendering blvd-sarasota-01.jpeg blvd-sarasota-02.jpeg blvd-sarasota-06.jpeg blvd-sarasota-07.jpeg

Blvd Sarasota Rooftop Pool Deck:

blvd-sarasota-09.jpeg blvd-sarasota-10.jpeg blvd-sarasota-11.jpeg blvd-sarasota-12.jpeg blvd-sarasota-13.jpeg blvd-sarasota-14.jpeg blvd-sarasota-15.jpeg blvd-sarasota-16.jpeg blvd-sarasota-17.jpeg blvd-sarasota-18.jpeg

Blvd Sarasota Fifth Floor Amenity Center

Blvd-Sarasota-bar-800.jpg Blvd-Sarasota-Dog-Park-800.jpeg Blvd-Sarasota-Golf-Simulator-800.jpeg Blvd-Sarasota-pool-table-800.jpeg Blvd-Sarasota-Wine-Room-800.jpeg

Blvd Sarasota Restaurant:

Restaurant-Space-Marked-001.jpg Restaurant-Space-Marked-002.jpg blvd-bistro-01.jpeg blvd-bistro-02.jpeg blvd-bistro-03.jpeg

The Concession Golf Club & Clubhouse:

Club House side view Club House front Hole 16 Arial View Core Development Inc Core Development Inc Mens Locker Room Ritx Carlton Hallway Bar in Locker Room Golf Course Golf Course Golf Course Golf Course Golf Course Golf Course

Ritz Carlton:

Core Development Inc Outside-Mens-Locker-Room Ritz Carlton Core Development Inc